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CIS refunds (1)Membership to the Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) is accompanied with many hoops to leap through – demanding complex processes and many time-consuming tasks that can easily overwhelm. Make an error, miscalculation or misunderstand a concept, and you could face unexpected financial penalties. Our accountants in Surrey can help you in demystifying this otherwise confusing tax issue.

Let’s make some sense of ‘CIS tax’

CIS refunds (2)We don’t believe that accountancy should be plagued with jargon and terms that our clients must grapple with. So allow us to provide an understandable overview of Construction Industry Scheme tax.

Construction Industry Scheme tax applies exclusively to the construction industry and requires that contractors make CIS tax reductions from their subcontractors. These reductions are then passed to HMRC.

Subcontractors submit their own form of tax return once the current tax year comes to a close, at which point most of their tax will have already been paid. The standard rate of tax reduction for subcontractors is 20%, which then means that too much tax may have been paid – in which case, a rebate will be due.

For more information about CIS tax you may wish to contact the dedicated HMRC helpline on 0300 200 3210.

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Your CIS obligations – How can we help?

CIS refunds (3)Bells Inc. Hamilton Stewart Accountants in Surrey have more than 130 years combined experience – safe to say that we handle CIS tax matters every day of the year. Here’s how we can help (and here’s how we ensure your hard earned profits aren’t impacted any more than needs be).

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A CIS tax rebate that is yours to bank – with only a fair, affordable and fixed fee to pay for our service.

Accountants in Surrey who offer a comprehensive CIS Refund service

You work day in, day out– you could do without the headaches that are accompanied with CIS refunds (which could soon develop into a migraine should you get your figures wrong). You should also look forward to keeping as much of those earnings as is legally possible.

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