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Accountants in Surrey (3)Over the course of more than four decades we’ve worked with hundreds of businesses – we’ve grown as they’ve grown and we’ve come to comprehensively understand the many elements of a great relationship between accountant and client. Here’s our insight into what makes our complete service here at Bells Inc. Hamilton Stewart Accountants in Surrey – the non-negotiables if a successful relationship is to flourish.

“Growth is never by mere chance; it is the result of forces working together”

James Cash Penney


Accountants in Surrey (1)As a long-established accountant in Surrey, each of our team appreciate just how vital communication is. In fact, exceptional communication is just about the most important element of the relationship we have with our clients – without it, we wouldn’t be able to deliver the bespoke services in the way that we do.

The better we know your business, the clearer a picture we have of your plans, targets and aspirations. We hope to become involved in the day-to-day operations of your business – and with this, we’re able to assist you in achieving all that you set out to. Should you be thinking about a vital business move – such as applying for an injection of cash or investing in a sizeable business asset, get in touch – we can provide guidance as to whether you should move ahead and if so, what steps you should take.

Business consultancy

Accountants in Surrey (2)You are an expert in your industry and you know your business like the back of your hand. Being so invested within your business – its operations and management, means that you have a laser precise focus that makes for the perfect match when coupled with outside perspective.
With our vast business experience and commercial acumen, we can provide the outside insight that streamlines your finances, capitalises upon opportunity and identifies risk to be neutralised.

In every sense – we are your business partner – efficient and effective, accountants that aren’t known for only touching base briefly but once a year – but all year through.


Not only are we adept at improving your company – we can also play an active role in growing it, bringing contacts to you and introducing new business. Our clients span almost every sector and industry – where a recommendation can be made between our contacts, with your prior permission, we’ll make it.


Your business demands much from you – your time, energy and focus. In its daily operations, monthly planning and yearly strategizing, it can be all too easy to overlook critical tax tasks and miss essential deadlines. Ultimately this can lead to otherwise avoidable penalties. Entrust your accounts to us, and never face the possibility of this prospect (and focus on all that you do best – such as managing your business and planning for the future).


We never stop learning, evolving and reacting to client needs – should you feel that there are things that we could do better, elements of our service that could be tailored more to your needs, simply feedback to our team. This proactive approach is just another reason why we’re a leading choice for businesses seeking an accountant in Surrey.

Accountants in Surrey – Partners for prosperity

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Some of the packages that we know inside out include: