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Bells Inc. Hamilton Stewart Accountants (2)The ‘average worker’ is today a bit of a misnomer – now, more than ever before, people in increasing numbers are becoming freelancers, self-employed, sole traders and entrepreneurs. As people move from previously fully managed PAYE schemes, to facing the task of completing personal tax returns, confusion and chaos can reign. With few of us tax experts, and even fewer accustomed to the complex forms and processes HMRC place on the self-assessed, it can be easy to trip up, and even easier to fall victim to paying over the odds in tax. When you’re faced with these complexities, you need to carefully choose your accountant in Surrey

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“The hardest thing to understand in the world is the income tax”

Albert Einstein

That imposing self-assessment form isn’t going away

Whether you’re soon to face your first self-assessment, or have worked through the cumbersome process many times over, the potential for error is far from uncommon. Asides from being daunted by the process and the prospect of getting it wrong, you could also be unaware of all the exemptions you may be entitled to. We can help you understand exactly what you’re legally entitled to – driving down your tax bill and removing pressure from your plate when you likely have so many other business matters at hand that are jostling for your attention.

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Our accountants will make financial services personable – providing a friendly face for handling your tax matters, painlessly. Get in touch with Bells Inc. Hamilton Stewart Accountants in Surrey – call us on 020 8763 1711 or email us via and achieve minimised taxation and maximum service on your terms.

Some of the packages that we know inside out include: