Complete compliance (and peace of mind) with invaluable VAT services from Bells Inc. Hamilton Stewart Accountants in Surrey.

Accountant SurreyWith all the will in the world, VAT can be confusing for the best of business people – from choosing between Accrual Accounting, Cash Accounting or a Flat Rate Scheme, to knowing when to even register. It’s not easy – and what’s more, being even slightly lacking in understanding can lead to a VAT minefield that you’d really prefer not to walk through.

Our accountants in Surrey go beyond paperwork – we can advise and guide you as to whether you should register for VAT, and if so, what your best option would be. We’ll help you make sense of this landscape – and then we’ll take the steps to set you up for the meeting of intimidating legal compliance.

VAT – In a nutshell

Once your total sales over the course of 12 months exceed £83,000 you must register for VAT.
As soon as you pass this, you’re legally required to notify HMRC – with your registration typically taking place on the first day of the next month.
There are instances where you may need to register once you near the £83,000 mark – such as when you’re likely to pass this amount over the coming two months.
You can voluntarily register for VAT at any point in time – even when your turnover is yet to reach the quota. In some instances, this makes sense – we can provide the insight you need to understand whether this would be best for your business.

“Chase the vision, not the money; the money will end up following you”

Tony Hsieh, Zappos CEO

Questions? Talk with a VAT accountant in Surrey

We’re in the business of providing business support – not only financial figures and services. Should you have a question about VAT, simply get in touch – we’ll happily provide obligation-free advice and guidance to demystify one of the most confusing realms of the tax world.

Your VAT obligations – We can help

With a team have more than a century of experience behind them, Bells Inc. Hamilton Stewart Accountants in Surrey can help with every aspect of your company financials – including VAT. We’ll can advise you on your obligations, we can handle your VAT returns on your behalf, we can even manage the entire process for you from beginning to end. Our service is all about what is best for your business, the way you work, and what you need us to do for you.

Call us on 020 8763 1711 or email us via and let’s tackle the headache that is VAT once and for all.

Some of the packages that we know inside out include: